D.W. Wilburn utilizes Building Information Modeling (BIM) software to integrate design drawings from all disciplines, to coordinate design and construction, to ensure constructability and reduce errors, conflicts and expensive change orders during construction.

Throughout the design phases, our BIM Director leads our constructability and interdisciplinary coordination review efforts. The 3-D modeling of the project through BIM identifies potential discrepancies between architectural details, structural requirements and MEP aspects of the project. Identifying these discrepancies during the design phase offers benefits both in terms of budget and schedule during construction.

Items to be reviewed include the following:

  • Site location, impact and access;
  • Existing conditions of site and facilities;
  • Surrounding grounds and facilities;
  • Quality and completeness of documents;
  • Bid packages;
  • Logistics, staging and sequencing;
  • Material procurement; and
  • Shifts of work.

Final review takes place upon completion of the construction documents. D.W. Wilburn will thoroughly review the drawings, specifications and addenda. These documents will be compared to the original project scope of work and programming requirements as well as the general and special conditions. D.W. Wilburn then coordinates a meeting between all project team members to discuss any items that require attention prior to the beginning of construction.

Examples of potential problems identified through such reviews include the following:

  • Architectural wall size insufficient to support required plumbing pipes in multiple locations;
  • Architectural ceiling space insufficient to support height requirement for required HVAC equipment and ductwork;
  • MEP room layout incompatible with architectural room dimensions;
  • Foundation plans incompatible with framing plans;
  • Existing site conditions not properly identified on site drawings and incompatible with building design; and
  • Architectural wall placement incompatible with structural requirements of the facility.

Utilization of BIM modeling throughout the design and construction phases of the project is just one more way that D.W. Wilburn ensures project success.

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