D.W. Wilburn is serving as the general contractor for City Center, formerly known as CentrePointe Development.
City Center has been constructed in three separate project phases — the first phase being the 700-space, underground parking garage, the second phase being the office tower, and the third phase being the hotel tower. The 12-story office tower will offer luxury office suites, shops, and a Jeff Ruby Steak House — all of which will overlook the center of downtown Lexington between Main and Vine Streets. In addition, the development will include two hotels- City Center Marriott and City Center Residence Inn. The garage will be occupied on a date after its initial completion due to the construction of the office tower, hotels, restaurants, and retail spaces planned directly above the garage. Steel erection for the office tower was comleted on April 19, 2018, while the hotel steel erection commenced at the beginning of April 2018. The office tower curtainwall installation will begin the last week of April.
Project challenges have included an extremely limited staging area, mitigation of traffic congestion in downtown Lexington, rapid design changes, a fast-tracked construction schedule, the 24-hour removal of groundwater from the site, and set dates marking the beginning of tenant leases. Additionally, City Center runs parallel to the proposed Town Branch Park, which is to be constructed on the Vine Street side of the building on a later date.

D.W. Wilburn is the general contractor for Martin and Brockton Halls, two new state-of-the-art dormitories with the combined square footage of over 360,000 square feet, located on Eastern Kentucky University’s campus. The construction of both dormitories was included in the EKU Campus Revitalization Plan, which was enacted in 2016.

Martin and Brockton Halls will add over 1000 beds by the fall of 2017. Both dorms will offer state-of-the-art living quarters, with the inclusion of “simple” and “super” suites, multipurpose rooms, rec rooms, computer labs, and classrooms.

Project challenges included a limited staging area and location on an active campus in an urban setting.

D.W. Wilburn served as the general contractor for the new Bluegrass Stockyards complex, which is to house the largest cattle market east of the Mississippi River. The facility features a 190,000-square-foot sales pavilion and a 40,000-square-foot administrative office on 100 acres of property adjacent to the Kentucky Horse Park on Ironworks Pike. The new complex in rural Fayette County was chosen to replace the former urban site because of the easy access to I-75 and I-64. 

The new Bluegrass Stockyar replaces the historic 10-acre stockyards complex that was destroyed in 2016, by a massive fire.

Project challenges included ensuring nearby communities that siting and environmental controls would prevent groundwater contamination.  

D.W. Wilburn is the general contractor of this new high school located in Lexington, Kentucky. The 280,000-sqare-foot school is situated on 65 acres along Winchester Road and is being constructed in response to the rapid population growth in eastern Fayette County.

Frederick Douglass High School is a state-of-the-art facility designed by the combined team of Tate Hill Jacobs Architects with Design Architect Perkins and Will as a flexible, 21st-century instructional space with the inclusion of both a "living lab" and traditional classrooms to be used to prepare students for STEM careers.

Students will begin studies in the new high school in August of 2017.

D.W. Wilburn served as general contractor on this 112,115-square-foot renovation of this early 1900s historic warehouse facility. Project cost was $12.2 million and was completed in May 2015.

Project features included a total transformation of this loft style residential warehouse facility into state-of-the-art teaching, studio and gallery space to house the University of Kentucky’s expanding University of Kentucky School of Art and Visual Studies, part of the College of Fine Arts.

Spaces include administrative offices, classrooms, studios, gallery and exhibit areas, multiple digital media labs, a fabrication lab, and a technology resource center.

Project challenges include a limited site in an urban area, preservation of historic features while offering modern amenities, and upgrading to institutional mechanical, electrical and exhaust systems to meet the needs of the facility.

D.W. Wilburn served as general contractor for the Primary Care Outpatient Diagnostic Center and Gill Heart Institute located on the University of Kentucky Medical Center campus in Lexington, Kentucky.

Project features include a five-story building that includes Gill Heart Institute on the first two floors, with the remaining three floors dedicated to minimally invasive surgery performed on an outpatient basis.

Project challenges included construction on an active campus, traffic and pedestrian circulation, underground utilities and overall limited site constraints.

D.W. Wilburn served as general contractor on this new elementary school located in Lexington, Kentucky. The new facility was built in response to continuously growing population on the south side of the county.

This new 73,900-square foot facility includes general classrooms, specialty classrooms, a cafeteria and gymnasium, a media center, and administrative offices and support spaces.

The building will be constructed in a single story with a structural steel building frame and include services for general plumbing, fire protection, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, electric work, communication and technology.

Wellington Elementary was built as the first “green” elementary school in the district.

D.W. Wilburn served as general contractor on the new Somerset Energy Center in Somerset, Kentucky.

The new 36,200-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility, the first of its kind in the state, monitors the city’s vast natural gas pipeline network. The facility will house more than just the Energy Center, which will occupy part of the second floor. The rest of the facility will house City Hall, the City Clerk’s Office, the Somerset Police Department and an Emergency Command Center, along with support spaces for all departments.

Project challenges include demolition of existing facilities, construction on a constrained site located in downtown Somerset, maintaining pedestrian and traffic circulation patterns, sequencing and phasing to allow for demolition of existing facilities as new spaces are ready for occupation.

D.W. Wilburn is serving as general contractor on the renovation and expansion of The Red Mile thoroughbred race track in Lexington, Kentucky.

The project involves a major renovation of the existing 35,000-SF facilities, which has not been done in more than a decade.

The project also includes a 15,000-SF addition to house a new “Entertainment Center” with 1,000 terminals for instant wagering that will offer an all-new betting and wagering experience.

Project challenges include an addition and renovation project at an existing facility and a short 11-month construction window beginning during the downturn of the building cycle.

D.W. Wilburn served as general contractor for the new Center for Health, Education and Research at Morehead State University in Morehead, Kentucky.

The project was a collaboration between the Saint Claire Regional Medical Center, Morehead State University and the University of Kentucky. This interdisciplinary and inter-professional educational model received state and federal funding.

Project features included lecture and laboratory classrooms, faculty and staff offices, conference areas, multi-purpose classrooms, meeting rooms, an auditorium, a medical library, a wellness facility, and administrative offices.

Project challenges included construction on an occupied campus and coordination with multiple stakeholders and needs to create a cohesive facility.

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