Quality Control

Quality is one of the cornerstones of D.W. Wilburn. It’s part of our mission statement. It’s embedded in our daily operations. It’s demanded on each and every project we undertake. And it’s one of the foundations of our reputation as one of the largest and most successful commercial contracting firms in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Quality begins with our people. From our President and CEO who has more than 30 years of commercial construction experience, including many years as a laborer and tradesman before advancing to management. It’s in the depth of experience of our project teams, many of whom have not just years but decades of experience in the commercial construction industry. We provide our people with the necessary knowledge, resources, training, tools and equipment to perform at the highest levels of their respective fields.

Beyond our own firm, we also seek quality in our subcontractors and suppliers. D.W. Wilburn solicits firms who also value quality, workmanship, and performance. We seek suppliers who offer quality products and materials with proven value.

Quality is embedded in each and every step of our construction management and project management processes. Quality standards are proactively planned, performed and tracked from preconstruction through post-construction.

Our commitment to quality provides value to owners, architects, engineers, subcontractors and end-users:

  • Clear design documents resulting in reduced requests for information, lower bids and eliminating change orders;
  • Clear bid and trade packages that outline scopes of work, requirements and quality expectations;
  • Proactive planning and integrated construction activities eliminating schedule conflicts and the need for rework;
  • Earlier completion schedules through careful phasing and sequencing;
  • Tested and verified system and assembly performance eliminating operational issues and reducing overall operational costs;
  • On-time project delivery that avoids delays or warranty issues; and
  • Productive use of the owner’s investment.

During progress meetings, quality assurance measures are addressed and assigned. It’s part of the ongoing quality control process utilized by D.W. Wilburn on every project.

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